Hey there !

Nice to meet you. I’m Nithin and I am a big time cybersecurity nerd & minimalist.

I live to travel and write. After writing short stories and poems, I took the courage to move forward and write informative content online and as a result I have two blogs now. You might have already seen what I write in the homepage so I am skipping that part.

When it comes to sports, I have almost played it all. Started with Badminton and slowly slipped to chess and now ended up breathing football day and night. Chess still runs in my blood and I play the game ocassionally.

Besides all this, I am super fond of books and cinema. Books move me and cinema holds me still. I’m not subject to one genre but I could watch and read Psychological Thrillers all day.

Everybody likes music and so do I. But my taste in music is quite different compared to my peers. I like listening to indie and blues over heavy metal. I also listen to a variety of dance music at times but rap is my go to everyday. But what you want to listen mostly depends on your mood, right?

Anyway, thank you for being here and wanting to know about me. I love to connect with people and if you think we could be good friends, don’t hesitate to contact me. You know where to find me already :)